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Audio Drama Showcase
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Character Reel
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In this The Doctor Who Audio Dramas' series, Laurence provides the voice of Harper, a Major in the United Worlds Army, trying to complete his mission against all odds. However, his platoon's ship - the Dondran - is shot down by the Yporene Vanguard, the unstoppable aliens responsible for the fall of countless planets and the slaughter of millions.

Raw Studio Sound Test
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Featuring sound effects and music from the following FreeSound users and URLs: dj997: (Alteration to length through trimming) Dominictreis: HowardV: Humanoide9000: (Slight alterations to length through use of Time Warp Tools) Jay_You: (Alteration to length through trimming and addition of fade out) MSweeney681: Nox_Sound: SamsterBirdies: Xanco123: (Alteration to length through trimming)

In Venomous Duck Media's Gareth and the Lost Island, Laurence voices several characters from lizardmen such as Egite and the Slaver Captain, to handy automatons like ALEX and the monstrous automaton possessed by the undead... Chompers!

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