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Audio Drama Showcase
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Audiobook Sample
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Raw Studio Sound Test
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One of many narrations by Laurence for the Uncast YouTube channel.

A reading of the "Superintendent's Will" (from Dino Crisis 2) in the First Aid Spray Podcast's first bonus episode!

Timestamp 53:15

Featuring sound effects and music from the following FreeSound users and URLs: dj997: (Alteration to length through trimming) Dominictreis: HowardV: Humanoide9000: (Slight alterations to length through use of Time Warp Tools) Jay_You: (Alteration to length through trimming and addition of fade out) MSweeney681: Nox_Sound: SamsterBirdies: Xanco123: (Alteration to length through trimming)

An excerpt from The Fast Track, a sci-fi novel by author Tom Draycott. Although this sample is not from the official audiobook, Mr. Draycott kindly gave permission for Laurence to use this excerpt from an audition as a sample of his narration abilities.

Laurence provides the voice of Harper, in the Doctor Who Audio Dramas' The Last Stand.

Laurence as Carmine Falcone in Red&Blue Productions' BATMAN: Red Lie [Part 2] !

Timestamp 41:54.

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